About Products

Stabilized pan and tilts are mechanical devices used for stabilizing and controlling the movement of cameras or sensors. They enable smooth panning and tilting motions, providing stability and precision in capturing images or conducting observations. The specific end use of stabilized pan and tilts is to enhance camera or sensor operations in various applications such as cinematography, surveillance, remote sensing, or scientific research. They help in achieving stable and controlled movements for capturing high-quality visuals or gathering accurate data. As the manufacturer, we are not privy to the type of components our customers are mounting and moving with the pan and tilt.

All of our products use true servo motors, not steppers. In addition, all units are intelligent and make use of on-board microprocessors that allow system operation even if communication is lost with the host. All units have control capability so the pan/tilt unit can communicate with and control any device the user selects as payload. RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, and DeviceNet are all available onboard. All units have discrete digital I/O and analog I/O under processor control to service payload requirements. Customers do not have to spend additional money for payload control, because the Pan/Tilt is already equipped to do the job.

About Team

Burchfield Automation's team consists of experts in automation and test engineering, metal fabrication, and industrial design.

We can help in any application where precision positioning is required. Servo based radar systems were the first pan/tilt devices designed by Burchfield Automation and led to smaller systems for thermal imagers and day cameras. The rest is history and Burchfield now focuses all of its resources on the design and production of position systems for a variety of payloads including cameras and radar.