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All of our products use true servo motors, not steppers. In addition, all units are intelligent and make use of on board micro processors that allow system operation even if communication is lost with the host. All units have control capability so the pan/tilt unit can communicate with and control any device the user selects as payload. RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, and DeviceNet are all available onboard. All units have discrete digital I/O and analog I/O under processor control to service payload requirements. Customers do not have to spend additional money for payload control, because the Pan/Tilt is already equipped to do the job.

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Standard Units

We offer 4 standard units. These are predesigned "out of the box" without much customization.

Custom Standard Unit

For this unit, we will use one of the standard units and customize it to your specific needs.

Custom Unit

In the case that the standard units cannot be customized to fit your needs, we will design a unique unit just for your project.

Standard Units




The AZO-562 unit measures approximately 5"x6"x2". This PTU has a small circular footprint you need to still accurately move loads.
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Coming Soon!
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CLU - 777

The CLU-777 is a small form PT measuring approximately 7"x7"x7". This PT has huge torque (136lb-ft) with uncomprimised reslolution and accuracy.
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U000053.1 FLIR Heavy 2E  

Classic Heavy

The Classic Heavy is designed specifically for heavy loads and precision accuracy. It is not affected by outside forces and has extremely low velocity control. 
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