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The Classic Heavy is a great choice for extremely heavy loads and precision pointing accuracy. Not affected by wind loads or other outside forces. This unit has amazing low  velocity control and can be used for tracking very low speed objects like celestial objects. Super Slow velocity control down to .004 deg/second and a max velocity up to 60 degrees/second.

With a max velocity of 60 degrees/second target acquisition is fast even with heavy loads. The strength (412 ft lbs torque) of this unit makes it a great choice for large diameter radar dishes or antennas with high wind load.

Very small package size for a Pan/Tilt unit with this much torque.

General Specifications

Payload Max 375 lbs (Center of mass 12" from EL center of rotation)
Elevation Torque 412 ft-lbs Continuous
Azimuth Torque 412 ft-lbs Continuous
Elevation Velocity 60 deg/second (with 48 volt supply)
Azimuth Velocity 60 deg/second (with 48 volt supply)
Azimuth Range 540 degrees or continuous rotation (optional)
Elevation Range 180 deg
Encoder Resolution .000116 deg Azimuth and Elevation
Angular Accuracy Better than  0.005 deg
Angular Repeatability    Better than  0.0009 deg
Housing Aluminum with Stainless Steel fasteners
IP Rating IP 67
Weight <75 lbs


RS-232, RS-485, CAN, Ethernet,  Device Net

Power Requirements

24 to 48 VDC @ 4 amps

Payload Control inside Pan/Tilt

 All internal electronics can be controlled and interrogated from host thru main communication channel. No need to pull separate communication lines for payloads.

  • 2 RS-232 ports
  • 2 RS-485 ports
  • 10 I/O points can be assigned as Digital IN digital OUT or Analog IN
  • 2 External Encoder inputs


  • Stabilization (see Stabilization Module Specs.)
  • Elevation Axis can be electronically geared to Azimuth axis at any ratio to create an equatorial mount for example.
  • Slip rings for continuous rotation in Azimuth.